7 Reasons For Learning Principles Of Accounting (POA)

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Over the years, accounting courses have become increasingly more popular. In this regard, there are many students who are curious about how they can learn more about accounting, but they are not sure about it yet.

What is POA?

Principles of Accounting is the main title of the initial course students will get into while studying accounting. Another thing POA refers to is the fundamental or basic principles of accounting, which could be, matching principles, cost principles, materiality principles, full disclosure principles, etc. Here, POA is referring to the expanded underlying ideas which assist the accountants while preparing for financial statements.

Here are seven reasons you should learn the Principles of Accounting.

1. Basic math is necessary

Nowadays, accounting has become completely computerized. You will not be needing to use difficult formulas for your calculations. Regardless, an accountant should be great at handling basic math. There are also several tips for accountants available on the internet that can help make things easier.

2. Every industry needs an accountant

Every company & organization need accountants to deal with their finances. Accountants are of great value to all organizations (big and small). They need someone to deal with their money, investments, accounts, banks, taxes, and so on. If you are a professional with the right skill set, there are opportunities to make a lot of money.

3. Start your own business

There are many opportunities to get a good job as an accountant. But, if you are experienced, professional, and have enough resources, starting your own business or accountancy firm is something else you can consider. You will need to have a good understanding of the marketplace, but there is plenty of opportunities. There are several ways accountants can gain a competitive edge in the industry. You just need to be diligent.

4. Get a chance to work abroad

Getting a degree from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) will help you gain more opportunities to work in various companies worldwide. This type of qualification can give you a great chance to work in more than 120 countries all over the globe.

5. Less number handling, more consultation

Those who want to begin their career as an accountant but are concerned about detailed mathematical equations, there is no need to worry. You will actually have to advise and consult with your clients more often than the actual number crunching itself. More often than not, accountants are advisors and bookkeepers for their was consumers.

6. Become a volunteer

There are several large, non-government organizations that need professionals as volunteers to deal with their affairs. Since they do not have enough funds, they required volunteers. Aspiring accountants can seize this chance to become a volunteer and grow their connections. Doing so will give you an opportunity to meet a lot of high caliber individuals that can assist you in going as far as possible with your professional life in the future.

7. Accounting can be your safety net

Hard times happen to all companies at some point. When they do, the company tends to cut costs and lay off employees. Most of the time, the layoffs hit the marketing, sales, and several other departments first. However, the accounting department is one that most companies can not afford to lose.

If all else fails, you can even become an accounting or POA tutor. The job pays quite well starting from $30-$70/hour!


Accounting is the field that will always be in demand. Studying POA will always give you the chance to grow. Getting a reputable degree in accounting like ACCA, CA, and such others will
give you additional opportunities to enhance yourself globally. If you are in the field of accounting, then various blogs on the internet are available that every accountant should be reading.

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