Accounting 101


Here at The Accounting Path, we know that the core concepts of an accounting degree can come at you fast. To help out, we’ve pulled together a series of articles on Accounting 101 basics and also provide an Accounting 101 quiz for major topics.

Whether you are a first time student, someone who already has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, or just want to refresh your old knowledge, we have come great accounting 101 guides for you.

If you’re starting fresh, we recommend beginning with our Accounting 101 quiz on Financial Accounting and then taking a look at our questions on Managerial Accounting. These two topics are commonly covered by first year accounting students and will provide you with a test on Accounting 101 basics. Included in our quizzes are important learning notes that will help you understand the key concepts needed for any first year accounting course.

For those looking to go deeper, we’ve also compiled a few great summaries of cash flows, P&L statements, GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), and balance sheet examples. These are some of the most important concepts for any accounting program and it’s critical that you understand them to move forward in the world of accounting.

We’ll continue to write new quizzes and provide additional Accounting 101 basics article, so check out our blog links below and follow us on Twitter to find the Accounting 101 topic that interests you.

Want to learn more? Head over to our learning and self-study pages and see our recommended short courses and books. These resources will help you brush up on your accounting 101 knowledge.

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