Accounting Associates Degree

Accounting Associates Degree

What is an accounting associate’s degree?

An accounting associate’s degree is a short, focused taste of accounting. The programs are typically much shorter than a bachelor’s degree in accounting but give you enough skills and knowledge to qualify for entry-level jobs in the accounting field.

An associate degree in accounting programs will get you started with the basics, so that you can create financial statements, understand financial data, and work with core accounting technologies. Many schools allow you to get started with your accounting associate degree before then upgrading to a full accounting bachelor degree so you can pursue more advanced positions.

With the associate’s degree, you’ll be able to become a key member of any organization’s accounting team, working as an accounting clerk or bookkeeper with great job stability and lots of upward potential.

How long does it take?

Associate degrees typically take 2 years (or less) of full time study, or slightly longer if you choose to do less than a full course load. However, each college program is different so be sure to check with your preferred college.

How much does it cost?

As it is the shortest course option, associate accounting degrees are the cheapest way to get a start in the accounting field. Total costs will vary depending on program, but most the most affordable programs start around $10,000 – $15,000 per year for tuition.

What schools offer this program?

Jump over to our college search page to find all of the schools that offer an associate’s degree in accounting. You can even search by zip code to find the ones closest to you!

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