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Accounting Career Guide

Our accounting career guide will help you quickly understand the ins and outs of accounting as a career. We know that the accounting field can be a bit confusing from the outside and that accountants can use lots of technical terms that make it even harder.

To help decode this wonderful world of debits and credits, we’ve written articles that cover everything from the top accounting employers to accountant salaries and a guide on how to become an accountant. Take a look around to learn more about the world of accounting. We think you’ll quickly see that it’s about a lot more than numbers – accountancy is about being the person with their finger on the pulse of the business and always knowing the right answer!

Once you’re comfortable with the idea of accounting as a career, we recommend stepping over to our career paths guide. This section of The Accounting Path provides you an overview of the major categories of accounting and will help you decide what kind of accountant you would like to be

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