Management Consulting

A management consulting career is different from areas other accounting majors typically go. As opposed to dealing with financial reports or tax issues, management consultants work with all parts of a business on special projects or one-time analysis. Accounting is the perfect degree to help you become a management consultant because it gives you a strong understanding of business and positions you to work closely with the Accounting, Finance, and IT groups within a client.

Management consultants typically work with clients on short-term projects. The projects could be anything from helping restructure a client’s financial system (or General Ledger) to developing strategy for the Chief Financial Officer in high dollar fields like the energy sector. The projects will typically be a few months long before the Management Consultant changes to another client and is exposed to all new challenges.

It’s hard work and employers only accept the very top students from any accounting program, but the pay and opportunities are both excellent if you can get selected.

Path Role
Big 4 A management consulting career typically starts with a Big 4 firm, or one of the more niche firms like BCG, Bain, or McKinsey. New consultants will work all over the world for the firm, moving anywhere that clients need smart people with an understanding of accounting basics
Private Company Private companies often hire straight from the Big 4 for their own internal management consulting teams. These teams help develop corporate strategy and run key projects for big businesses like those within the energy sector. They often have excellent upward opportunities and can work anywhere in the business
Small Firm Small management consulting firms are becoming more and more common, as they allow consultants to better balance life and work while still doing interesting projects for leading clients
Independent It is possible to start an independent management consulting career, although you’ll first need to get experience with an established firm. Being independent allows you more control over your schedule and clients and, if you’re successful, more money into your pocket

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