Accounting Short Courses

Accounting Short Courses

Becoming an accountant means going to school and getting a degree, but what if you want to learn by yourself first or brush up on your old college courses?

Here at The Accounting Path we’ve run into this problem. On this page you’ll find some great accounting short courses that can help you get ahead. Also have a look at the articles linked at the bottom of this page for the latest resources we’ve found and our top 10 picks. Good luck!

Accounting Short Courses

  • Accounting in 60 minutes –  developed by an experienced accounting professor, this course uses analogies and quick tricks to help you learn core accounting concepts quickly
  • Become a Superlearner – it isn’t an accounting course, but it may be the most important thing you do before starting your accounting degree. Jonathan Levi teaches you everything you need to ramp up your learning skills, helping you quickly skim course notes and retain key facts
  • Accounting Coach – one of our favorites. Harold Averkemp has excellent material presented in an easy to understand way. His website provides information on all kinds of accounting topics and is great for anyone looking to learn

Recommended Accounting Books

  • Accounting Made Simple – written by Mike Piper from the excellent Oblivious Investor blog, this book is great to get you started in accounting or to help even those with a bachelor’s degree learn new things
  • Financial Statements: A Step by Step Guide – perfect for anyone looking to understand financial statements with simple explanations and easy to read language. Over 100,000 copies in print
  • Smartest Guys in the Room – fascinating look at how the Enron scandal unfolded. This isn’t a textbook so much as a deep dive into the darkest days of business, showing just how powerful an accounting can be!

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