Graduate Certificate of Accounting

Graduate Certificate of Accounting

What is a graduate certificate in accounting?

An accounting certificate or graduate certificate in accounting is a specialized course for people who already have a degree but want additional education in the accounting field.

It’s a shorter course than a master’s of accounting and focuses on the core skills and knowledge required to either move into a new career or to advance your existing career. The accounting certificate programs are great for people interested in swapping to a better paid job in accounting or who want the stability that an accounting qualification offers.

The team here at The Accounting Path has completed similar graduate certificate programs as a way to flesh out previous experience and get positioned for a new career path. It’s much cheaper and faster than doing a completely new major, but clearly signals to employers and your colleagues that you have new skills (and may help get you a much needed pay rise!)

How long does it take?

Graduate certificates in accounting typically take one academic year to complete, with courses such as financial reporting and managerial accounting being part of the program. However, every college is different, so be sure to check with your preferred accounting college to understand how long their program takes.

How much does it cost?

Tuition for graduate certificates in accounting vary based on what school you attend. One year of tuition for the more expensive on-campus programs at top private schools may cost $40,000 or more. On-line programs or local state colleges can be much more affordable, with some options costs around $10,000 for one year of tuition.

What schools offer this program?

Most schools offer some kind of graduate certificate in accounting. See our college search page to find one close to you.

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