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Accounting Career Paths

What are the best career paths for accounting majors? It’s a question a lot of accounting students ask, so you’re not alone in looking for answers.

This summary of career paths for accounting majors breaks down some of the key options for you, from traditional roles as a Tax Accountant and Auditor to slightly different positions like Forensic Accounting or Management Consulting. In almost all of these accounting careers you’ll have the opportunity to either work directly for a private company, serve as an outside adviser with a Big 4, or start up your own accounting business.

As you can see, the best career paths for accounting majors is a huge topic with lots of options. We encourage students to really think about what they want to do and find something that excites them. That may mean “Big 4” or it might mean a small company. Either way, an accounting degree can get you there.

Once you’ve decided your preferred career path, head on over to our accounting college guide. The guide breaks down major questions like whether to take online classes or in-person classes and highlights some of the best programs available for someone just like you.

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