10 Blogs Every Accountant Should be Reading

Written by Jacqueline b

Wait – I thought blogs were only for travel-junkies, foodies, and stay at home moms?


Nowadays, there are blogs about anything and everything you could ever need to know – and about anything and everything you don’t need to know. And yes, that even includes ones for you, accountants of the world! 

These are the 10 blogs that every accountant should be reading.

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Accounting Coach

If you have any questions regarding anything accounting related, Accounting Coach should be your first stop. It is an excellent resource, full of guides, tutorials, video lessons, seminar recordings, practice quizzes, and more.

They have been recognized by sources such as Forbes, The New York Times, CNBC, and Harvest Business Review, to name a few, and consistently have over 1 million site visitors per month.

Accounting Today

Accounting Today is one of the leading resource outlets specifically geared towards public accountants.

They place a lot of focus on industry specific concerns, such as tax law, accounting standards, technology use, etc., as well as providing interactive outlets, such as forums and research panels, that allow those following them to discuss, learn, troubleshoot, and problem solve together. 


Any of you interested in keeping up to speed with the industry’s latest and greatest in accounting technology and software should head on over to Accountex now.

They offer product reviews, tutorials, and information on a variety of industry related tech, such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, the Cloud, etc.

The Accounting Onion

The Accounting Onion was created by Tom Selling to help address and solve any financial reporting issues you may encounter.

Selling’s impressive CV – including his service with the Faculties of Dartmouth, MIT, WFU, and Thunderbird; his leadership of over 250 management education programs across 14 different countries; the many references materials, business cases, research articles, and textbooks he has written; and his co-founding of Grove Technologies (to name a few) – assure us of the high quality and legitimacy of his content.

Firm of the Future

Anyone looking to open their own firm or for those of you who already have, Firm of the Future is the blog for you.

This blog focuses on helping you stay innovative and up-to-date with the best accounting practices, strategies, and technologies available to help you better help your clients.

AICPA Insights

AICPA is one of the most well-known and well-rounded accounting blogs out there.

It plays host to content covering all topics accounting related, written by experts from every corner of the field. Learn about tax practices, cyber security, auditing processes, industry technologies, and more, from their regular line-up of knowledgeable and experienced content providers.

Accounting WEB Blogs

Accounting WEB is one of leading online communities, focusing on content related to industry technology and innovative practice. All of their content is provided by experienced and credentialed industry leaders.

A great follow for any accounting professional looking to grow, develop, and embrace new ideas regarding their work performance.

Journal of Accountancy

Powered by AICPA, JoA will keep you up-to-date on any and every bit of industry related news and current events, as well as providing helpful information on tax practice, management skills, available technologies, and more. They release content regularly, and pride themselves on being a reliable resource for accounting professionals everywhere.

They even offer their content in paper form for you old-school Joe’s out there.

Ace Cloud Hosting

Ace Cloud Hosting should be your go-to for any accounting-related cloud information you may need. Here, you can find advice, research, how-to’s, and insights to better help your accounting and cloud technology practices.

Find expert interviews, informative posts, quick tips and tricks, and more, from a blog recognized by major industry influencers.

CPA Trendlines

CPA Trendlines has made a name for themselves as one of the industry’s leading sources for current information, research, and analysis in regards to a variety of accounting related topics. 

Check them out for up-to-date articles on industry events, reports, and intelligence to help you solve any problems you may encounter as effectively and efficiently as possible.

See For Yourself

We know as well you do that you’re probably spending too much time on your computer or smart phone anyways, so why not make better use of your screen time and get on over to those blogs now. 

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