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Many people dread interning. Many people consider it to be a job with long hours, and very little pay (if any). But you may be surprised to learn that in fact, interning doesn’t have to be unpaid. Especially if you decide to major in a sector like accounting. If you actually put in the time, thought, and planning, you can actually find yourself making lots of money as an intern. Although it’s likely that you’ll still end up working long hours, and you may end up dealing with lots of “crunch time”. However, the paycheck you receive can make it all worthwhile. Plus, that means you can dedicate all your time to your internship without having to take on a second job or take on lots of debt to make ends meet, which will definitely help you learn more through the process.

Once you’ve graduated from college, it’s time to move into the working world. Your degree can net you a well-paying accounting job, but in order to climb the ranks, you need real-world experience. One of the best ways to do that is to get an internship.

Although most people think of internships as being an unpaid drag, you can actually find high-paying internships at top businesses that will not only give you experience but will open the door to even better jobs once you’re finished. Here are the top 25.

Microsoft – Average $7,478 Monthly

As a top tech company, Microsoft tends toward giving its interns engaging work that leads to genuine company contributions.

LinkedIn – Average $7,453 Monthly

Many describe LinkedIn as having a “small company feel,” and with its bevy of events, you’ll never feel bored.

Google – Average $7,382 Monthly

Though it’s incredibly competitive, your job at Google makes up for it with good work/life balance and plenty of big number crunching.

ExxonMobil – Average $7,280 Monthly

The first non-software company on the list, ExxonMobil focuses on communication, a crucial skill even for accountants in the workforce.

Yahoo – Average $7,107 Monthly

The excellent mentorship at Yahoo is often mentioned as a plus, with important information passed down to you personally.

VMware – Average $7,107 Monthly

Interns at VMware get perks often afforded only to full-time employees, and the flexible work schedule is a plus for many.

Facebook – Average $7,036 Monthly

Working the numbers at Facebook through its meticulously-structured internship program can be a great way to build preparedness.

Apple – Average $6,760 Monthly

Though fast-paced and extremely competitive, Apple’s internship program also allows you to truly make a difference in the company.

Amazon – Average $6,531 Monthly

Accounting is all about efficiency and precision, which is the core of Amazon’s intern ethics and company policy.

NVIDIA – Average $6,413 Monthly

Not only is NIVIDIA an open and communicative environment, but it hires interns regularly, making this an excellent way to land a job.

Qualcomm – Average $6,413 Monthly

Interns are given great work, pay, and housing at Qualcomm to really improve quality of life, which makes for a better experience.

Valero Energy – Average $5,893 Monthly

Independence and community involvement are both a well-loved part of Valero Energy’s on-point internship program.

Intel Corporation – Average $5,893 Monthly

At Intel Corporation, interns are treated like full-time employees both in expectations and benefits, truly preparing you for the job.

Chevron – Average $5,744 Monthly

Chevron’s accessibility to interns has led to it becoming a favorite for many looking to build skills for the workforce.

Adobe – Average $5,547 Monthly

With an internship that varies substantially between departments, your Adobe internship can really hone in on accounting.

Tesla – Average $5,027 Monthly

Tesla’s rapidly-developing experiences allow you to really impact the company, even when you’re making intern-level decisions.

NetApp – Average $5,027 Monthly

By creating a culture that’s less competitive and more collaborative, NetApp allows you to grow as a person and as an accountant.

Salesforce – Average $5,027 Monthly

At Salesforce, you’re actually encouraged to meet higher-ups, which can lead to better job options after your internship.

Boeing – Average $4,986 Monthly

Even as an accountant, you’ll be exposed to all aspects of the Boeing business, giving you a more well-rounded experience.

KPMG – Average $4,873 Monthly

Through its hands-on experience with a swath of audit, tax, and advisory services, KPMG is the perfect fit for an accountant internship.

Lockheed Martin – Average $4,862 Monthly

The internship programs at Lockheed Martin are well-respected because they actually listen to their interns.

PwC – Average $4,853 Monthly

As one of the Big Four auditors, PwC offers great accountant internship opportunities for recent graduates.

EY – Average $4,853 Monthly

Not only will you learn accountant skills at EY, but you’ll learn how to apply them in the real accounting world.

Deloitte – Average $4,853 Monthly

Deloitte’s social events and comfortable atmosphere offer a welcoming place to learn real-world accounting skills.

Ericsson-Worldwide – Average $4,853 Monthly

By fostering connectivity, Ericsson-Worldwide is making it easier for interns to really make a difference.


You don’t need to start scraping and saving for your post-graduate internship. With these top-paying internships, you can relax. Check them all out — you’ll be able to gain experience and support yourself at the same time.

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