Demand for Masters of Accounting Degrees Surging

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Sebastian Joll
Written by Sebastian Joll

Enrollments in Masters of Accounting degrees jumped 31% in the 2014-2015 academic year.

The jump in demand, reported in the Wall Street Journal, shows that more and more students are choosing to take advanced Masters of Accounting courses to round out their education. The news across board seems positive for post-graduate accounting programs, with AICPA reporting increases for public-university and private school enrollments (23% and 50%  respectively). The WSJ also quotes AICPA when suggesting that much of the growth in Master of Accounting programs is being driven by the CPA exam requirements for students to have completed 150 college level units.

In contrast, the enrollments in undergraduate programs (Bachelor’s of Accounting) have dropped during the same time frame. However, the drop follows a peak enrollment in previous years, and the total number of students entering accounting programs still makes it one of the most popular degrees in the United States. Schools, such as Ivy Tech, report that core accounting units continue to be some of the most in-demand across all of their programs.

Meanwhile, there has also been a shift in the MBA market to focus more on specialized programs, with Accounting ranking as one of the six leading subject areas for specialization. As these accounting-focused MBAs grow, in tandem with the growth of the Masters of Accountancy programs, the market is becoming rich with deep accounting knowledge. The demand is a reflection of the deep skills and tangible value that an accounting training can provide for new graduates and companies that employ them. Graduates of Master’s of Accounting programs can often enter industry or consulting roles at higher positions than students who have only completed core undergraduate courses, giving them a head start in their careers.

To learn more about the opportunities available with a post-graduate accounting degree, see our guide to Masters of Accounting programs.

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