Associates Degree in Accounting: 5 Most Common Questions

Accounting associates degree
Written by Jonathan Liebtag

We get a lot of questions about an associates degree in accounting. For many, they have read about the great salaries in accounting and they want to get in the door. For others, it’s about using an associates degree in accounting to get ahead in their current position. Here are the top 5 things we get asked about associate degrees in accounting.

#1 What kinds of jobs can I get with an associates degree in accounting?

An associate’s degree in accounting is the perfect way to get the core skills you need to nab a job in accounting. You will be able understand the core issues businesses are facing today and help them solve their financial problems. With an associate’s degree you can take on a key position and quickly propel your career. Roles like bookkeeping, accounts receivable, and billing are the perfect entry to an upward track and continued success. You will gain a solid foundation in core accounting principles as well as  industry guidelines, financial statements, and the ability to navigate complex accounting software.

#2 How much can I get paid with an associates degree in accounting?

A Robert Half survey for accounting salaries in 2015 showed that Bookkeeprs make $38,000 – $47,250 (plus bonuses). This is typical of operational accounting positions that you can get with an associates degree in accounting. However, don’t forget there is also lots of upward potential beyond that starting base.

#3 Can I get a bachelor degree in accounting after I have worked for a while with my associates degree in accounting?

Although you should always check with your specific program, the vast majority of universities will let you transfer the credits that you completed from your accounting associates degree to start a bachelor degree in accounting. This means you can often get your associates accounting degree, work for a time as a junior accounting clerk, and then go back to school and upgrade your skills with a full bachelors program. Of course, always check with your university to confirm this process.

#4 Can I complete my accounting associates degree online?

Schools are seeing the opportunity for online accounting associate degrees and launching new programs every day. Penn State just recently announced it is launching two new online accounting degree programs. There are also a established schools like DeVry’s and Kaplan that already have courses up and running. Programs like these give you the flexibility of taking classes remotely, are cheaper than a traditional degree, and give you the ability to focus on only the skills you need to start your career.

#5 Is accounting a growing field? Is it a good idea to go into it?

There are going to be plenty of jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in accounting and auditing will increase by 13 percent, or 166,700, through 2022. An associate’s degree lets you get into the career quickly to start getting real world experience, positioning you well to take advantage of any future growth in the accounting world.

Are you interested in learning more about an associates degree in accounting? See our college search page to find the right program for you, whether its online, on campus, or both!


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