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Sebastian Joll
Written by Sebastian Joll
Accounting careers are a great entry into entrepreneurship. Accounting skills give you a strong understanding of business principles, helping you structure and run a business. Combined with entrepreneurial passion, accountants are some of the highest potential business owners out there. All this means that when we came across this story of Konrad Kierklo, co-founder of Miinto, we were blown away (but not surprised!).


Miinto is a fashion-focused company that brings niche brands out into the marketplace. As the company tells it, the idea got started when he and co-founder Mike Radoor went on a shopping trip. Looking for quality service and new trends, they had trouble finding the niche shops they desired in unfamiliar cities. The idea for Miinto was born: help fashion forward consumers find and connect to the brand and styles they like. Today, they host 20,000 brands on one platform, helping them reach customers across Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

What we love most about Konrad’s story is the pivot he makes from KPMG to entrepreneurship. KPMG is a proving ground for young, smart graduates, offering strong training opportunities and development potential. It teaches you accounting skills, executive engagement, project management, and a host of other skills. For someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and good technical skills, it can incubate their talents while they find their big idea. For people like Konrad, it meant that they were ready (and skilled enough) to strike when their “big idea” hit.

Now backed up by millions of dollars in funding, and after making the cut as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Retail & E-Commerce, Konrad is well on his way to fulfilling his entrepreneurial ambition. With his strong foundation in the accounting career, and his passion for fashion, we think it will be an exciting journey to watch.

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