Our Experts

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The accounting path has years of experience in both finance and accounting. In addition to our in house experts the team draws upon a broad network of professionals to bring you the most up to date information what’s happening in the accounting world.

Kelley Still

Accounting Interview Kelley Still

Kelley is a Professor of Accounting, CPA, part-time forensic accountant, and previously an auditor in public accounting. She holds a Phd in accounting from Oklahoma University. We run to Kelley whenever we need insights about teaching, forensic accounting, or running your own independent accounting firm.

Jon Liebtag


Jon has experience across banking and Silicon Valley. His experience spans financial strategy, accounting, as well as business development. He currently works in Business Development at Airbnb and holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA. We use Jon to answer tough questions for us about accounting in the world of startups and high tech.

Sebastian Joll


Sebastian has over 10 years experience working for big IT companies, resort businesses, and now as a management consultant within a Big 4 firm. Sebastian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and an MBA from INSEAD. We ask Sebastian to weigh in anytime we have a questions about Big 4 life or Management Consulting.

Ryan McGee

Ryan McGee_183

Ryan is an experienced auditor with 10+ years of Big 4 training and industry experience. He is a CPA and graduated from the University of Missouri. Ryan is now a Senior Audit Manager at a Fortune 500 company. We talk to Ryan every time we need insights on Big 4 life, audit, and accounting as a career path in industry.

Melissa Montgomery


Melissa is a technical accounting manager with a diverse range of experience from Big 4 accounting firms to her current role at Airbnb. She is a CPA and graduated from California Polytechnic University-San Luis Obispo with a bachelor’s in business administration and management. Previously she oversaw multiple engagements as an assurance manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Ashley Gilliland


Ashely is CPA with more than eight years of diversified experience in accounting and finance. She has worked in budget development and management, financial statement analysis, operational accounting, and SEC reporting. Her previous roles include PricewaterhouseCoopers. and Lucasfilm, she currently is a senior accountant at Airbnb.

Herman Yu


Herman is a Financial Consolidations Manager at Airbnb with over 7 years experience in the accounting field. He took a unique path starting in industry at Zynga, cutting his chops in the tech scene. Due to the broad scope of work he gained there he was able to develop a skill set in consolidations. He moved up quickly and now runs consolidations across Airbnb’s global footprint.

Carlton McMillan


Carlton is a Senior Manager of Revenue Operations at Airbnb with 8 years of experience across a variety of roles. A graduate of Georgia Tech he started his career working across a variety of clients at the mid sized firm Frazier & Deeter. He then jumped into the dynamic atmosphere at Airbnb. There, he has helped build out the Finance function and grown into his current role, which encompasses Revenue Operations, AR, and Cash.

Jennifer Yu


Jennifer is a Tax Manager at Airbnb with a broad background. She graduated from UC Berkeley and started her career in accounting at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where she spent several years as a Senior Tax Associate. After leaving PWC she took a role in industry at Zynga and since then has moved on to Airbnb. In her current role she is responsible for developing the complicated tax framework used by Airbnb to do business across the globe.