Jobs with Hill, Barth & King – Offices: Careers & Recruitment Guide

Firm Name: Hill, Barth & King - Offices
Year Founded: 1949
Number of Employees: 280
Locations: FL, OH, PA, VA

Careers Overview:

Every year we visit select college campuses in search of outstanding graduates to join the HBK team. Because HBK is a regional firm, each new graduate we hire quickly finds that he or she is not “just a number” and becomes an integral part of our team by working side-by-side with top managers from the very first day on the job. The only limit to a new graduate’s growth is his or her own desire and talent. Contact your Career Services office to schedule an interview while we’re on campus. If we do not visit your school, please contact us to arrange an interview.

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Job Interview Questions & Answers with Hill, Barth & King - Offices:

Got a job interview coming up with Hill, Barth & King - Offices Curious about applying? Here’s some tips to help you get through it:

Do Your Homework.

We presented some info on the careers area of Hill, Barth & King – Offices above. Needless to say spending a bit of time to learn about Hill, Barth & King – Offices, their culture, and their some 280 employees could go miles come interview time. Beyond showing off your research abilities, this is also a great way to idenitfy if this is a company who’s values resonate with you.

Practice makes perfect

It would be naive to think every interviewer will ask the same questions. That said, there are certain questions that will almost certainly be asked. In understanding this – and practicing your responses accordingly – you can show up to your interviews with the utmost of confidence.

Back it up.

We all like to boast about our desirable qualities. What most forget is to back this up. Instead of simply saying ‘I am a go getter’, Be sure to include an example. ‘I am a go getter, and a great example of this is when I took it upon myself to win a huge contract for our company in order to meet our quarterly quota’.

Makes a difference, right?

Dress the part.

Regardless of how fair or unfair it may seem, first impressions matter. This is where your research on Hill, Barth & King – Offices comes into play. Is this a bespoke suit type of organization, or are they a bit more laid back? Make sure to dress accordingly.

When in doubt, classic business casual is almost always a safe bet.

Confidence is key

Assuming you’ve rehearsed some answers ahead of time, Now’s your time to shine. Sit tall, proud, and confident while making your answers concise.

Pro tip: be sure to leave yourself plenty of time for travel and parking – don’t throw yourself off balance by being rushed!

Keep it honest

Some interviewees believe using elaborate techniques to ‘talk around’ a difficult question somehow keeps them in control. Veteran HR members at Hill, Barth & King – Offices have heard it all. If you don’t have a great answer, don’t be afraid to say so.

One workaround here can be to say ‘While I don’t have experience in that area, I feel experience I gained in this field could be similarly beneficial’.

Ask if you’re not sure

Some interviewees are afraid to ask the interviewer anything in fear of asking a ‘silly’ question. By asking questions you demonstrate initiative – a desirable at any company including the likes of Hill, Barth & King – Offices.

Surprisingly, you can really impress your interviewer with a few thoughtful questions regarding specifics about Hill, Barth & King – Offices as well as the role itself.

Close the deal

The interview starts to wind down and now it’s time to rely on gut instinct – how well do you think you did? Extend your arm for a handshake and close: ‘I’m going to be straight with you – I think that went really well and I’d love to part of Hill, Barth & King – Offices – where do I stand as of now?’.

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