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The best accounting programs in New York are staffed with some of the top accounting faculty around. These professionals make a huge difference to accounting students lives. Below is our list of some of the most amazing accounting teachers in New York, to help you find your perfect school.

To get this list, we started by looking at Rate My Professors (RMP) to see what students are saying about accounting professors and instructors in each state. We then create a short-list of the best accounting teachers according to their students, and begin comparing everything from publishing record to years of experience. We evaluate hundreds of candidates to get to the list of top 10 accounting teachers below. Congratulations to everyone on this list – keep on inspiring the next generation of amazing students and accountants!


Paul Jaijairam

Bronx Community College

As Deputy Chairperson, Professor Jaijairam teaches all kinds of courses. He uses his background as director of CitiGroup to make his courses fun while prepping students for the real world. He scores an incredible 4.9 out of 5 on the RMP scale, most often tagged as “inspirational” and as giving “amazing lectures.” However, “You have to be ready to work and read!” says a student.


Avi Liveson

Hunter College

Professor Liveson, JD, has been at Hunter College for nearly 30 years and has been named one of the top 300 professors in the country by Princeton Review. He ranks 4.9 on the RMP scale, but be ready to study because he’s most often tagged with “Skip class? You won’t pass.” Still, many students call him “the best accounting professor at Hunter College.”

With an expertise in accounting, auditing, and tax, Professor Crawford teaches introductory accounting courses. Her current special projects center on the Sarbannes-Oxley Act. She boasts a 4.9 on the RMP scale, with the lion’s share of her tags being “would take again.” One student calls her “an amazing professor, inside and out!”


Toby Birnbaum

Brooklyn College

An assistant professor of Business Management, Professor Birnbaum has published numerous books and is a Making Moments Count panelist. She scores 4.9 on RMP, and is most often tagged as “hilarious!” and “respected by students.” For those still on the fence, one student says, “Don’t think about it twice, she’s amazing!”

Teaching Principles of Accounting, Professor Serna is a favorite amongst first-year accounting students. It’s why he’s rated as flaming hot on RMP with an average 4.8 score. By far, he’s most often tagged as “inspirational” and “there for you.” In fact, one student says, “He is a great professor and a great human being.”

“I just like teaching,” Professor Goodman says. He has a background in economics, an MBA, and originally majored in political science. “Teaching to me isn’t like work, it is talking to students.” That attitude is what helped him score a 4.8 on RMP with a flaming hotness flag. One former student says, “You won’t regret taking Professor Goodman.”

A driving force behind the college’s ePortfolio practices, Professor Bhika is also favored by many of the students in the accounting department. Yet another professor with a flaming hot flag on RMP and an amazing ranking of 4.8 out of 5, students say he’s “a dedicated professor whose teaching methods are superb.”

Most often seen teaching Principles of Accounting and other first-year courses, Professor Appiah ranks high on the RMP scale with a 4.8 and a rare top tag of “gives good feedback.” “Accounting is such a difficult subject, but Professor Appiah made it as easy as possible!” raves one former student.

An assistant professor at the local community college, Professor Miller teaches accounting, entrepreneurship, and marketing. With a 4.8 RMP ranking, his most common tag is “Skip class? You won’t pass,” so students need to study hard for Miller’s courses. Still, a former student from three years ago says, “To this date he’s the best professor I’ve ever had.”


Benjamin Silliman

St. John’s University

This Accounting and Taxation professor holds a doctorate degree in education from NYU, as well as a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accountancy. His research focuses on financial reporting, federal taxation, and adult learning. He scored 4.8 on the RMP scale, complete with a “hot flag.” A former student says, “He can teach really complicated material and really put it in laymen’s terms.”

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