Top 5 Colleges That Prepare Great Accountants in the USA

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The importance of high-quality education in the modern world is obviously quite valuable. The theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in college is a solid base for your future career, which is why it is so important to invest in your education.

Without a doubt, studying at a university isn’t easy. Imagine a load of information you received in school, then double it and you probably won’t get even a half of what is yet to come.

Apart from a large amount of information, college students also have to deal with a plethora of homework and other academic challenges. Luckily, there are many modern tools and platforms that offer professional custom dissertation services that can help with assignments.

Now, your biggest concern is probably which school to choose. Making the right decision can be tough, especially if your chosen major is accounting, which can be pretty complicated.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out how to find a perfect college and look at some of the top accounting schools in the USA!

How to Choose the Right College?

Choosing what major is the right for you is an essential first step, but pick the right school that can benefit you the most is often even more critical

Although not many graduates know this, the choice of the right college can either give you a guarantee of future success or make these four years of studies a total waste of time. Thus, it is vital to choose wisely.

What makes a specific academic facility good or bad for you? There are plenty of characteristics that determine this.

Many students are looking for the following things in their campuses:

  • Friendly environment
  • Qualified professors
  • Convenient location
  • Nice and cozy dorm
  • Good infrastructure on the campus
  • Wide range of subjects and majors available

All these points are of high value. However, the essential indicator of whether the chosen facility meets your needs is the quality of the program on the selected major. Therefore, if you’ve decided to study accounting, it is vital to ensure that a school you pick prepares great accountants.

Top Colleges to Study Accounting in the USA

For years, accounting has been a popular major that gave students a bright successful future. Today, it may not be the most popular major out there, but it is still in high demand. This means that choosing it can help you succeed and build a brilliant career. However, the only way to succeed is to pick the right program at the right school.

Here we have collected the top five colleges in the US that are known for preparing great accountants.

Brigham Young University

This is the real deal for anyone interested in studying accounting. Brigham Young University boasts a high ranking, great exam pass rates, innovative curriculum, and a high-quality accounting program. This school is known for its effective teaching and exciting career development opportunities.

University of Texas – Austin

It is hard to find a person at least remotely interested in accounting who haven’t heard of the University of Texas. It is recognized all across the country for delivering high-quality education.

During the last ten years, this facility has been awarded first place in the national ranking of universities, which is clear evidence of its quality. Here, students can find plenty of benefits and opportunities.

Besides, it has been reported that the average starting salary of accounting graduates from the University of Texas is more than $54,000, which is a clear indicator of the quality of its program.

New York University

New York University is one of the biggest and most famous private facilities in the country. One of the significant benefits of this university is that it prepares students for a variety of careers related to finance and business.

This university is also known for having a strong connection with the business community, which opens up plenty of career and networking opportunities for its accounting students.

UC Berkeley

We bet that most of you have heard about Berkeley. UC Berkeley is a widely-known university that delivers an education of the highest quality. Speaking of accounting, Berkeley offers students a unique program in a prestigious business school. The accounting program there connects students with real-world experience through their Center for Financial Reporting and Management.

Cornell University

For years, Cornell University has been ranking among the top five best colleges in the US by their CPA pass rates. The quality of education here is way above average, and their accounting program is widely known for its modern, advanced training.

Final Words

For most graduates, choosing their major and school can be a demanding task and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Let us give you one last tip – follow your heart! If you feel like accounting is something you’d gladly do for a living, then go for it! You will be destined to succeed when a real passion becomes thew driver.

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