Top 10 Accounting Professors in Texas

The best accounting programs in Texas are staffed with some of the top accounting professors around. We are proud to present The Accounting Path’s list of the Top 10 accounting professors in Texas.

To get this list, we started by looking at Rate My Professors (RMP) to see what students are saying about accounting professors in each state. We then create a short-list of the best professors according to their students, and begin comparing everything from publishing record to years of experience. We evaluate hundreds of candidates to get to the list of top 10 accounting instructors below. Congratulations to everyone on this list – keep on inspiring the next generation of amazing students and accountants!


Dwight Riley

Richland College

The Associate Dean of the Richland College School of Engineering, Business, and Technology received the Richland College Administrator of the Year Award in 2015 for dramatically helping student success rates in accounting. Professor Riley averages an RMP score of 4.9 on a 5-point scale, with several students urging, “Take him!”


Lamrote Bekele

Richland College

Rating an impressive 4.8 out of 5 on the RMP scale, Professor Bekele teaches introductory accounting courses including Accounting I and II. “She is simply amazing!” says one former student. Prior to teaching, Professor Bekele spent 11 years in various accounting departments within retail and financial companies, which helps her bring real world experience to her classes.


“Whatever you don’t understand, she’s got your back,” says one former student of Professor First’s, which is one of the many reasons this professor ranks 4.8 out of 5 on RMP. However, she’s also well-known for making students work hard and attend class. Professor First mostly teaches first year accounting.


Thomas Jackson

Houston Community College

Professor Jackson teaches it all, from Introduction to Accounting 1 to Advanced Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Federal Income Taxes, and more. He scores 4.8 out of 5 on the RMP scale, with numerous students tagging him as “inspirational.” “He was a great teacher and had interesting stories to tell also,” says one student.


Robyn Robertson

Richland College

With a 4.8 RMP score, it’s easy to see why Professor Robertson is a popular teacher. A number of students tagged her as “would take again” and “there for you.” She teaches second-year accounting courses. “The best professor! She explains everything clearly and is willing to help you,” raves one student.


Narda Weekes

Lone Star College

Currently teaching two courses, Principles of Managerial Accounting and Principles of Financial Accounting, Professor Weekes is a favorite at Lone Star College. Scoring a 4.7 on the RMP scale, Professor Weekes’ students have tagged her a staggering number of times as “would take again.” “Lots of real world examples, so it’s not all book work,” according to one student.


Professor Georgas teaches a wide range of courses, including Introduction to Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, and Internal Control and Monitoring. He is known for bringing his years of real world experience directly to students, which is why he scored 4.7 on RMP. One student says, “Great professor, knows his stuff and always makes sure everyone understands.”


Assistant Professor Robinson teaches Income Tax Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, and Principles of Finance, along with a host of additional accounting courses. She scored a 4.6 RMP. Her students say “Dr. Shani is the best teacher I’ve ever had! She makes you work for it, but she helps as much as possible.”

An academic fellow at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Professor Linthicum brings a breadth of knowledge to U of T, including experience as the president of the American Accounting Association. Scoring a 4.6 on RMP, complete with a flaming hot flag and tagged numerous times as “inspirational,” a former student sums this professor up with “Simply awesome.”

With a PhD in Accounting and Auditing, as well as an MBA, Professor Chong specializes in Auditing Systems in Emerging Economics, Fair Values and Disclosures, and Performance Measurements and Accountability. That’s partly what got him a 4.6 RMP score and why one former student says, “Chong could be teaching a sewing class and I’d take it!”