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There are many benefits to pursuing a career in accounting. It’s a steady career that allows you to travel, learn on the job, gain a better understanding of finances and on top of all that it’s lucrative.

So, regardless of whether you’ve already graduated with a degree in accounting, you’re interested in pursuing accreditation through online courses – here are six great reasons to pursue a career in accounting:

Demand Is Steady and Rising

The demand for accountants has always been steady and is set to be on the rise.

Statistics from the Bureau of Labour Statistics in the United States (which are indicative of global trends) show that between now and 2026 the demand for accountants and auditors will increase by 10 per cent which means it’s an industry which is growing faster than many other occupations.

Clear Career Path With Opportunity For Advancement

Another benefit of pursuing studies in accounting is that there’s a clear career path that’s laid out before you.

Once you graduate, you can work in a poem and then pursue further education.

Accountants can also specialise by pursuing positions as a Budget Analyst, Auditor, a Tax Accountant or even a Corporate Financial Officer!

Competitive Pay

Accounting is a lucrative industry, as you would expect from an industry that is so totally wrapped up in money.

The median salary for accountants in Australia is AU$62,000 though this average includes newly graduated accountants who earn slightly less.

When you’re a new graduate with a degree in commerce, finance or accounting and you’re interested in a graduate job, you can expect a competitive salary and many benefits.

Better Understanding Of Finances

In 2020, it’s pretty clear that money makes the world go round.

We live in a very commercialised world where capitalism is king so having an understanding of finances is crucial no matter what industry you work in.

The understanding of finances that comes from studying accounting can also be helpful in your personal life, knowing how to invest your savings and file your tax returns.

Find Work Wherever You Are

You’ve doubtless heard the saying that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. It’s a cliché, sure, but clichés are rooted in truth.

This means that no matter where you go you’ll be able to find work as an accountant.

If you want to move to a rural town, overseas or to a major city – you’ll still be able to work as an accountant. Numbers are universal and the work you do will be universal.

You’ll Get A Free Business Education

The key to a rewarding career is that you get something new from it each day, you gain new insights, find ways to adapt to new situations and keep learning about your chosen field and related fields.

Another benefit of working as an accountant is that, in many ways, you’re also getting a free business education.

In the course of their work, accountants gain valuable insights into how businesses are run from the inside. Accountants get an insider’s perspective into businesses of all sizes and typically will be able to tell you about all the mistakes that business owners commonly make.

For accountants, this free education in what to do and what not to do when it comes to running a business is invaluable as they rise through the tanks of their own organisations or if they choose to strike out on their own and start a business!

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