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Written by Jonathan Liebtag

We take a look at some of the new software tools innovating the accounting marketplace

The accounting field has A LOT of processes. Papers to file, documents to track, approvals and teams to manage, and all of it about very sensitive information. How do companies manage the complex network of information and ensure their clients get the service they need?

Many of the big firms have attacked this problem head on and developed their own customized software products to streamline communication, track important files, and manage the overall process. KPMG developed eAudit – a paperless system that allows teams to work more effectively on key audit accounts. PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young also have solutions called Aura and Caseware.

But what about the little guy? Many accounting firms don’t have the resources or scale to need their own custom software solution. That’s where a new breed of software solutions are stepping in to help the complex audit work flow.

Suralink is an example of one of these new pioneering companies. Their software helps accountants make requests, receive documents, track engagements, and manage their team. By integrating all of this into the cloud, accounting firms are able to eliminate paperwork and work more efficiently. Solutions like Suralink also help client engagement, as many consumers are already using similar products in their personal lives.

Every industry is transitioning to cloud based solutions that allow teams to work across geographies, and it’s important for accounting to keep up with the times. Whether it’s Suralink or another company, new accounting student need to be versed in these technologies and ready to learn and adapt to how they’re used. It will soon be a whole new, cloud based industry. We can’t wait!


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