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Sebastian Joll
Written by Sebastian Joll

Choosing an educational goal for your New Years Resolution can give you an achievable target that helps your career and expands your interests.

New Years Resolutions come and go, but so rarely make an impact. Many of us make a list 100 items long and accomplish 5 things in 1 week before never touching it again. Just as bad are the “big goals”, where we identify a few pinnacle achievements for the year but find them too big to begin tackling. The trick for the most successful resolutions lists is to make goals that are meaningful, but easy to take action on (think “learn to bake a new recipe” not “solve world peace”).

For many, it is best to find goals and resolutions that can be committed to early in the year, even if it takes many weeks or months to complete the goal. Formal courses or educational programs, whether they are through community colleges, professional institutions, or universities, can be the perfect example of a great New Years Resolution. By enrolling in an education program (whether its an accounting program, motorcycle course, or something totally different), you lock yourself into a commitment for broader change with an easy phone call or email in January.

Regardless of what course, topic, or subject most interests you, here’s some of the things that we think matter the most for your New Years commitments:


Choose an educational program that matters to you

Michael Jordan loved basketball. Newton was fascinated by the planets. Teddy Roosevelt genuinely loved a political battle. By choosing a field, subject, or topic that matters to you, you’ll have a much better chance of completing and succeeding in your program. Some people will find that what matters to them in career advancement but for others it is just pure learning. Think about what matters most to you and then chase that subject!


Make it matter, but don’t go too big

Committing to go for a walk isn’t meaningful while saying you’ll climb Everest is a step too far. Your goals need to be big enough to matter but not so big that they aren’t achievable. In the educational world, enrolling in a full bachelor’s degree is probably too big, while 1 unit in Management is not enough to make a difference to your career or education. In reality, think about shorter year-long programs (such as an associate certificate or graduate certificate at some schools) that provide a worthwhile qualification at the end of the program but are not too long or difficult to commit to at the start of the year.


Get started now!

Pick up the phone right now. Google search for your preferred course today. Don’t leave your phone/computer/desk before you’ve taken the first step. You have the excitement and energy right now to get started, and taking the first step is the biggest challenge. Your motivation will never be higher than it is today. Your next promotion depends on it!

If a career change or advancement through accounting is your New Years goal, check out our guide to accounting programs to get enrolled today.

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Sebastian Joll

Sebastian Joll

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