5 Reasons You Should Become an Accountant

Should I become an accountant
Sebastian Joll
Written by Sebastian Joll

Are you wondering “Should I become an Accountant?” It’s a question that many people struggle with when they don’t know enough about the accounting career path. To help you decide, here are big 5 reasons accounting could be a great career path for you.

  1. Accounting graduates have great job opportunities

According to National Association of Colleges and Employers, 61% of accounting majors get at least one job offer. That makes accounting the third best major (behind Computer Science and Economics). This means that there are more jobs for newly graduating accountants than just about any other degree. If you’re wondering if you should become an accountant, then this should be a really important factor for you.

  1. An accounting degree is a Swiss army knife

Accountants have a huge amount of flexibility in their career path. They can specialize in something like a Forensic Accounting, move into teaching as a Professor, work for non-profits, or run their own business. If you decide to become an accountant, you’ll have a degree that gives you fundamental business knowledge. This knowledge allows you to move in almost any direction in your career, whether you want to be self-employed or take on a high powered corporate position. The world is your oyster if you decide to get an accounting degree.

  1. The salary is above average

According to the BLS, the average wage for Accountants and Auditors is $73,670. What’s more impressive is the fact that the top 10% of Accountants earn $115,000+. The highest paying states are New York and California, while there are other great locations where an Accountant’s salary can help you live like royalty. When you ask if you should become an accountant, we think this factor is pretty important!

  1. You get to work with smart people every day

Another factor that helps many people decide to become an accountant is knowing that they will work with smart people every day. Accounting students are some of the brightest in any university or college. They are able to work with numbers and are good with people. Choosing to become an accountant will help you develop these skills and help make you a valuable employee in any business.

  1. You will know more about the business than anyone

The key to job security and long-term success is to be at the center of any business. If you become an accountant, you will be at the middle of a business’ operations. You’ll be the one person that really understands how a whole company works. A good accountant ends up not only understanding the details of how money moves around a company, but also the strategic goals of the CEO and executive team. It makes the job both intensely interesting and provides great development opportunities.

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Sebastian Joll

Sebastian Joll

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