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Studying accountancy can get tough. However, with the advent of technology, more resources are becoming increasingly easy to reach. From blogs on accounting to accountancy learning resources, the Internet is packed with useful websites for accounting students. Take a look at the following list:

  1. AccountingCoach

Since 2003, AccountingCoach has been answering accounting-related questions. Over 90,000 people follow this site by Harold Averkamp. Check out blog.accountingcoach.com.

  1. Accountingfly

Accounting students who want to get a step up by gaining work experience can benefit from Accountingfly. Undergraduates can choose from a wide array of internship and entry-level jobs. Accountingfly can be found at accountingfly.com.

  1. Nicholas J. Pennewell, CPA-Where Every Penny Matters

Maintained by a certified public accountant, this blog is a regularly updated resource for tax regulations, something that students in the field may greatly appreciate. The blog can be found here: tampabaycpa.blogspot.com.

  1. Accounting.com

The one-stop accounting resource for students, accounting.com covers most of what a budding accountant would need. The website has several features including job listings, career advice, scholarship application forms, and educational resources.

  1. CPA Technology Blog

This is another blog owned by a CPA, but this one focuses on the technological aspect of accountancy. It has reviews on different software and devices used in the field. Check it out here: blog.bftcpa.com.

  1. The Accounting Onion

Another CPA, Dr. Tom Selling, has written a blog, but again its focus is different. Instead of the technical or tax aspect of accountancy, The Accounting Onion zooms into financial issues and the so-called “Big Four” accounting firms. This is located at accountingonion.com

  1. South African Institution of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)

If you don’t know what a chartered accountant is, you’ll find out from SAICA. You will also find out about the requirements and the process of becoming one. Aside from that, SAICA provides study tips and updates for accounting students. Find SAICA at saica.co.za.

  1. MissCPA

While misscpa.com is primarily targeted towards those who want to learn accountancy for free even without an official course, actual accountancy students can still greatly benefit from missCPA’s broad range of topics from basics to finance.

  1. Learn Accounting for Free

Again, learnaccountingforfree.com is designed for non-accountants, but accountancy students can still use its educational videos to get ahead of their lessons.

  1. Don’t Mess with Taxes

Kay Bell’s blog discusses the confusing world of taxes. Both accounting students and professionals can find useful tips on everything about taxes. Go to dontmesswithtaxes.typepad.com to check out the latest updates on your tax system.

  1. Accounting Student Network

Tailored specifically for accounting students, the Accounting Student Network has everything from study resources to personal mentoring and even all the way to employment advice. Take a peek at accountingstudentnetwork.co.uk.

  1. Accounting-Simplified

This website promotes their collection of more than 200 study resources above all else. Its user-friendly format can benefit both students and professionals. Find it at accounting-simplified.com.

  1. AQA

AQA caters to more than just accounting students. Its study resources on accounting are comprehensive and paired with helpful personal support. AQA is located at aqa.org.uk.

  1. Start Here Go Places

Funded by AICPA, the world’s largest accounting association, startheregoplaces.com offers free accounting resources for both high school teachers and students.

  1. This Way to CPA

The sister site of Start Here Go Places, This Way to CPA is targeted towards college students. It has study resources, career advice, and a guide to the CPA examination. Its link is thiswaytocpa.com

  1. Khan Academy

This website offers a wide array of subjects from Art to World History and an accounting student can broaden his knowledge by checking out the resources on Accounting, Finance, and even Economics.

  1. Principles of Accounting

Those who wish to learn financial and managerial accounting can find a lot of information and resources at principlesofaccounting.com.

  1. Accounting-World

Accounting-world.com offers all you need to know about accounting, including laws, regulations, formulas, and money tables. After studying, you can test your knowledge using an on-site examination.

  1. Simple Studies

Bookkeeping is one of the many jobs an accountant has to do, and simplestudies.com gives accounting students an in-depth view of the process and its necessary terms.

  1. Coursera

Going to course.org/course/accounting leads you to a 10-week financial accounting course by Brian J. Bushee from the Wharton School of Business. Interactive lessons paired with informative videos make up the bulk of the course. Like a real school, Coursera also has homework and tests.

  1. AccountingInfo

Accountinginfo.com features an exhaustive list of study guides for people who are non-accountants, professional accountants, or the students who are in between.

  1. Accounting Study Guide

The Accounting Study Guide, found at accountingstudyguide.com, covers everything from basics of accounting to advice about accounting careers.

  1. Course Hero

Course Hero offers study guides on many other courses and its resources on accounting are just as thorough as other course resources. Featuring essays, lecture slides, lesson plans, and exam preparation, coursehero.com knows how to prepare an accounting student for any academic challenge.

  1. Rescue Time

Accountants work on strict schedules and any college student training to become one should hone his time management skills as early as possible. Rescuetime.com compels accounting students to focus by highlighting how much time they’ve spent on a certain activity. Potentially distracting websites like Facebook and Twitter can also be temporarily blocked using Rescue Time.

  1. Backpack

Another time management tool, backpackit.com is a helpful tool for accounting students to schedule their studies effectively.

These are just 25 websites available to accounting students. There are hundreds more, but whatever the student chooses for his academic arsenal, his success lies in his own determination and perseverance.

Good luck!

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