10 Helpful Skills for Those Entering the Workforce

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change our everyday tasks, many youngsters are reaching transitional points that were much easier for generations before them, due to the lack of a deadly pandemic lingering over their life decision.

For graduating seniors preparing to enter the workforce, however, there might be a slight silver lining that exists within the coronavirus school closures, and that is an understanding of web communications in a business sense.

As schools shifted to online classes, so did many of their workplace counterparts, and according to many big data analytics, the workplace trend is expected to continue long after COVID-19 rests its angry head.

Here are some classic tips for those entering the workplace, as well as some modern ones relative to the increasing possibility that your future workplace may be wherever you choose to plug in your laptop!

1. Initiative

Even future entrepreneurs generally pay their dues in the workforce before starting their own businesses, and those future entrepreneurs always have excess initiative.

Keeping an entrepreneurial mind, even in the most corporate work setting, shows that you have the ability to self-manage, which builds trust and generally makes for a more hands-off work experience.

2. Creativity

Another skill that will really make you stand out is a creative mind.

Every new employee will have a moment (most likely sooner than later) when they have an idea they are afraid is too “outside of the box” to share.

If no one has told you specifically not to speak up, you should and share your creativity early in your employment.

3. Online Communication

Of all the more modern workplace professional skills, online communication is probably the biggest “must have” when entering any sort of office situation in 2020.

As previously mentioned, there is a good chance that the office is solely online, and being able to master professional communication in an online setting is paramount.

Dress well, keep out the “text lingo” like “U” and “lol,” and be confident in your communications.

4. Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness is the ability to understand that people you work with have different customs and cultures, and those customs and cultures should be viewed as good things for final products

As the business world shrinks thanks to technology, the hiring pool grows and cultural awareness is a key to success in any large organization.

5. Global Perspective

A piggyback on cultural awareness, global perspective can be simplified by saying “think big”.

Bringing a sky-is-the-limit attitude to a new workplace will show employers and coworkers that you believe in the company and want it to succeed on a grand scale.

6. Microsoft Skills

For students going from college to the workplace, a firm grasp on Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) is probably already etched into your brain.

However, the business communication abilities that the Office Suite has are exceptional and underutilized.

Having a few time-saver tips to share at the office is always a good way to make an impression.

7. Analytics

Most companies will have a set analytics team, but a baseline understanding of what is being measured surrounding your actual job will make you a more understanding team member when it comes to enacting changes dictated by the analysis.

8. Environmental Analysis

This is not pertaining to green initiatives, nor saving the whales.

It means having the ability to self-evaluate your work place and finding where your skill set (even if it something that wasn’t mentioned in the interview process) can add value to the team.

9. Organization

Online organization brings with it pros and cons.

On the good end, it means digital file storage and a lot less clutter around the office, but it also means more chances for fraudulent attempts to access information, so security surrounding your file organization is more important in the remote setting.

10. Remote Security

Speaking of which, having a firm grasp on security practices should be important even in your everyday computing, but being able to prove to a new employer that you know how to keep important information secure can result in a lot of work from home, if that’s something you desire!


Generally, hard work and an open mind will naturally guide anyone willing to learn in the direction of these tips. Keep improving and always know your worth!

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