Top Accounting Faculty in Illinois

The best accounting programs in Illinois are staffed with some of the top accounting faculty around. These professionals make a huge difference to accounting students lives. Below is our list of some of the most amazing accounting teachers in Illinois, to help you find your perfect school.

To get this list, we started by looking at Rate My Professors (RMP) to see what students are saying about accounting professors and instructors in each state. We then create a short-list of the best accounting teachers according to their students, and begin comparing everything from publishing record to years of experience. We evaluate hundreds of candidates to get to the list of top accounting teachers below. Congratulations to everyone on this list – keep on inspiring the next generation of amazing students and accountants!

A Professor in the business department, Professor Flynn specializes in teaching Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting. He ranks 4.8 out of 5 on the RMP scale, but students should come prepared to buckle down. His most popular tag is “Skip class? You won’t pass,” but students still say “Very thorough instructions, lots of helpful material.”


Bill Crampton Illinois accounting

Professor Crampton has a PhD with a Business Administration background and currently teaches three key courses at ISU: Accounting Information Systems I, II, and III. He also hosts an annual, week-long, intensive workshop. Rating 4.8 on RMP, his go-to tag is “inspirational.” In fact, his teaching prowess is summed up in one succinct review of, “OMG, such an amazing teacher.”


Leslie Van Wolvelear

Oakton Community College

Professor Wolvelear has been at Oakton since 1999, where she teaches two introductory online accounting courses and one introductory lecture course. A CPA with a master’s in accounting, it’s no wonder she got a 4.8 rating on RMP with a flaming hot flag. “I was afraid of taking this class…I ended up loving it,” raves one former student.


Molly Mercer

DePaul University

With a PhD in Business, Professor Mercer brings an impressive background and real world experience to the classroom. Her research focuses on behavioral financial accounting, and she has a 4.8 score on RMP. According to one former student, Mercer is “One of the best professors I’ve had!”


Michael Trendell

DePaul University

Michael Trendell is an MBA who teaches Financial Reporting II and III. He’s most often tagged as “hilarious!” on RMP, and boasts a score of 4.8. “Out of the many profs I’ve had through the years, Mike Trendell is by far my favorite,” gushes one student.

Currently both the Director of Professional Development and a Lecturer at UIC, Michael Popowits has had experience working internationally and is a former corporate coach. He teaches Accounting Information Systems, Database Accounting Systems, and Fraud Examination. With a 4.7 RMP score, one student says, “Must take class! I still find it useful.”

Teaching Management and Cost Accounting, as well as business courses, Mr Benner is a popular instructor with a 4.7 RMP ranking. Known for giving extra credit and clear grading criteria, many students say they’d take him again. In fact, one student says, “I wish he taught every accounting class!”

Both a lecturer at the university and Vice President of Business Alliances for Footprint Retail Services, Kevin Lee keeps one foot solidly in the real world, which greatly benefits students. He’s earned a 4.7 on the RMP scale, with one student saying he’s “an excellent professor who brings relevant outside experience to everyday class.”


Eileen Marutzky

DePaul University

Holding a JD and CPA, Eileen Marutzky has been with DePaul for over 25 years. She currently teaches both undergraduate and graduate accounting students, and is a DePaul alumnus herself. She has a 4.7 RMP score and numerous students say they’d take her again. “Loved Marutzky! Super helpful, made accounting easy,” says one reviewer.


Wendy Heltzer

DePaul University

With a PhD, MBA, and BA in Accounting, Professor Heltzer brings a strong world of experience to her classrooms. That’s why she has a 4.6 RMP score, but she’s also known for requiring in-class attendance and hard work. “Her lectures are great!” says one former student.