20 Small Accounting Schools You Must Consider

The best small accounting programs rely on many factors, including location, industry connections, and students. One key factor is the quality of their professors, which can help make or break your future career. Using student rankings and other data we have found 20 top small schools to start your search for an accounting program.

Being a small accounting school often means getting overlooked by national publications for rankings. However, small schools can give you a much better accounting education than a larger university, with closer relationships to professors and a more collaborative groups. To highlight some of the great small school options out there, we created the list below to identify 20 small schools with amazing accounting faculties. To get this list, we started by looking at Rate My Professors (RMP) to see what students are saying about accounting professors and instructors. We then created a short-list of the best accounting faculties according to their students, and began comparing everything from publishing record to years of experience. We evaluated hundreds of schools to get to the list. Congratulations to all our winners!


Merced College accounting

Merced College, California

A small school doesn’t translate to a small-time education. At Merced, accounting faculty members come from a wide range of backgrounds. Check out the 63 glowing reviews on RMP, which showcase why the school has a faculty rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. This school is a fantastic training ground for future CPAs.


Great Bay Community College accounting

This small school already has 50 fantastic reviews on RMP and boasts a 4.7 average faculty rating. Every faculty member is highly educated, very experienced, and is committed to their small class size. With it’s commitment to student success, Great Bay is a good choice for anyone in the New England area.


Irvine Valley College accounting

Irvine Valley College, California

Potential students have 89 RMP reviews to pore over when considering this college, and there are really some glowing reviews from previous students. Choose from a variety of certification programs, all taught by faculty members with real world experience. Five faculty members are called the best in their field at this small college with big appeal.


Bristol Community College accounting

Bristol Community College, Massachusetts

The faculty at Bristol mixes formal teaching experience with their own professional background. Take a look at RMP’s 200+ stellar reviews for this small college that earned a 4.66 average faculty score. Diversity is key in the program, where six of the professors have earned “Cream of the crop” status.

Located inside the Business Administration Department, students enjoy the benefits of a small accounting department that features multiple professors included on our review of Top New York teachers. That’s why the college has a faculty rated 4.62 and 177 great reviews. With Manhattan as the backdrop, faculty and students alike are well-connected to premium accounting opportunities.


College of the Desert accounting

College of the Desert, California

The faculty at College of the Desert have the unique ability to cross-teach and mix disciplines. Three of the made our list for the top teachers in California, and overall the faculty has a 4.62 RMP score and nearly 100 fantastic reviews. The curriculum is evolving constantly, and every single professor has an accounting background professionally and academically.

Located in the EIU’s School of Business, an AACSB-accredited institution, the accountancy department features bachelor’s and minors programs. Take a look at the 100+ RMP reviews and it’s easy to see how the department snagged a 4.6 faculty score and why four of the professors made our top teachers in Illinois list.

This small college in rural New York has 53 impressive reviews on RMP for their accounting program, with a faculty score of 4.6. There are also three professors who are ranked at the top of their game, and every single professor has a comprehensive accounting background to prep students for a career in finance, accounting, or business.

It takes a very savvy professor to call Hawaii home—no wonder six of them at Leeward are rated best of the best by RMP. Located on Hawaii, Leeward boasts a faculty average score of 4.58 and has nearly 1,000 reviews available. Plus, studying and test taking is a little easier when you’re near the beach.


Long Beach City College accounting

Every single faculty member at this college has a CPA, so students are under the tutelage of true professionals. It’s part of the reason Long Beach City College scored an average 4.54 with RMP and 248 fantastic reviews. Additionally, six of the professors are featured as the industry’s best accounting teachers

The accounting department at Atlantic Cape has a variety of backgrounds, professionally and academically. Consider the 50 reviews on RMP, featuring four of the best accounting professors in the nation. The college earned a 4.53 average faculty score, partially from requiring comprehensive core courses.

Eight of the eleven full-time professors at St. Louis are considered top-ranked by RMP—and that’s a fact worth looking at twice. It’s no wonder the department scored 4.52 for overall faculty, or why the 177 reviews are brimming with student compliments. Select from a degree or certification course, both taught by skilled professors.


Champlain College accounting

The accounting department is incredibly organized, featuring small class sizes, impressive internships, and a double major option for those who can’t decide between finance and accounting. The RMP reports that four of the professors are top rated, so along with 86 great reviews and an average 4.52 faculty score, it’s no surprise New Englanders are flocking to Champlain.

At Seminole, being up to speed with the newest accounting software is key. This ensures every professor is an expert, whether in the classroom or on those faculty-led networking expeditions. Seminole features a 4.5 faculty score on RMP and has 93 reviews (and counting). Plus, seven professors are top rated on a national scale.

Every professor at Thomas Nelson is also a CPA, but with incredible teaching experience. There are 100 critical reviews available on RMP, and the faculty average score is 4.84. With one of the highest numbers of faculty members ranked best of the best (a whopping ten!), it’s no surprise that Thomas Nelson is a prized accounting program.


West Valley College accounting

West Valley College, California

With a PhD in Accounting and Auditing, as well as an MBA, Professor Chong specializes in Auditing Systems in Emerging Economics, Fair Values and Disclosures, and Performance Measurements and Accountability. That’s partly what got him a 4.6 RMP score and why one former student says, “Chong could be teaching a sewing class and I’d take it!”

This transfer program is designed just for students who are eyeing a four-year accounting degree in the future. An astounding eight faculty members are considered the absolute best by RMP, which is partially what earned the program a 4.47 average faculty score. There are also 151 reviews worth taking a look at before choosing this accounting program.


University of New Hampshire accounting

Located inside the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, the accounting professors also have thorough experience in the business world. That’s what earned this university a 4.46 average faculty rating on RMP, and having four professors who are the best at what they do sweetens the deal. Look over the 88 reviews, and remember that there’s also a Master’s in Accounting to consider.


University of Prince Edward Island accounting

University of Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island

This accounting program was created for students getting ready for the CPA and with a business background. Each faculty member is committed to student success, which is evident by the RMP average faculty rating of 4.67. There are 59 reviews to read, and bear in mind that five of the faculty members are considered the best of the best.


Green River College accounting

Green River College, Washington

Part professor, part accountant, the faculty members at Green River find a way to do it all. It’s what helped the college snag a 4.46 RMP faculty rating. Three professors at this college can boast about being stars in their field, and there are 69 reviews to read for more insight into what the program offers.