Modern Careers for Game of Thrones Characters

Jon Snow Future Career

Here at The Accounting Path we talk accounting. All day. Every day. But today, just for fun, we went off topic and asked what jobs our favorite Game of Thrones characters would be doing in the modern world, without all the wealth and power of Westeros. This – people – is serious research.

Tyrion Lannister – Shrewd. Charming. Drunk. Tyrion has the tools for success in any career: persuasive enough to rally enemies to his cause (see: the mountain clans) while willing to fight when it matters (see: crossbows and bathrooms). Behind the smooth façade is a mind like a steel trap that catches every detail and turns it on his enemies. A natural fit for modern politics, we think the Little Lion would quickly bore of Washington’s squabbles and moral oversight. What he needs is something that pays in gold, challenges his mind, and allows freedoms for both drink and other fun. Tyrion’s Modern Day Career: Corporate Negotiator.

Jon Snow – “Winter is Coming” said the handsome man, over and over again. With all that pretty hair, we almost called this one “male hair product model” and moved on, but something held us back. The 1000-yard stare, the commitment to his brothers, and his (almost 100%) faithfulness to chastity spoke to something deeper. Combined with his willingness to forgive, inspire followers, and champion a lost cause we thought there was a bigger calling for our man. He might know nothing, but that won’t stop him. Jon Snow’s Modern Day Career: Preacher Man.

Daenerys Targaryen –Your parents were Rockefellers but you’re raised in a backwater town with a lunatic brother. Your only ticket out is the biggest, baddest motorcycle gang and you hitch onto that wagon. For most, this is where the story ends. But “most” does not include Danny T. After the motorcycle thing doesn’t work out, we picture our modern day Daenerys scrapping her way to start a business, acting as a broker for farm laborers. She gets her ranch hands a fair deal and grinds over-bearing employers to dust. But she’s not done yet. Now rich, powerful, but still young, Danny is the toast of the business media and she turns her abilities to the one thing she wants more than anything. Daenerys’ Modern Day Career: First Female US President (sorry Hillary – get some dragons).

Cersei Lannister – She’s intimidating, territorial, rich, and as quick as a snake. She could be anything, from the CEO of a Fortune 50 company (Halliburton under Cersei would be terrifying), a political activist to make the Koch brothers weep, or the scariest soccer mom in existence. But for Cersei it’s personal. She needs to go head to head with her enemies and show them who’s boss. She need treasures to protect. She needs a world where playing dirty is second nature. Jerry McGuire would crumple in his seat. Cersei’s Modern Day Career: NFL Sports Agent.

Sansa Stark – Starting off in the world wide-eyed and optimistic, Sansa quickly becomes a battler. In the present day, she’s the ambitious and principled student whose talents are only exceeded by her naivety. Wanting to represent only non-profits and good causes, Sansa is slowly crushed in the world of corporate attorneys and big money corporations. Battling and learning with age, Sansa seeks revenge and payback, emerging as the most bad-ass criminal prosecutor New York has ever seen. Sansa’s Modern Day Career: Ruthless Prosecutor, with a future as Danny T’s running mate for the 2020 elections.

So who did we pick as our accountant? Not Little Finger, surprisingly, despite his clear mastery of calculations. Our pick went to Varys, leader of the widest spy network in Westeros (and beyond!). Only he possesses the unique combination of brains, strategic insight, and commitment to do what is right. He knows his strengths, his weaknesses, and can be turned to for counsel and advice.

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